testimonial-MMcQuaidThank you for everything you made possible this year. You are a joy to work with and have taken so many of my crazy dreams and made them into reality. I can't believe it was only this time a year ago I was wondering if I could afford to put you on. Now I can't imagine life without you. It was my best decision all year.

Michelle McQuaid

PhoebeHookProfile150pxI can not stress enough the importance of open and effective communication when it comes to getting what you want. After a horrible experience of realising that the first person I hired to design my website wasn't quite fitting into (and executing) my vision, and then crying buckets of tears into my pillow, Michelle enters my life. Admittedly she was there to help me communicate better with the original designer, but after that failed, she took over and has created the masterpiece you see before you (+ she's currently working on the Build a Soulful Business membership portal... how exciting!). To be openly honest, it was worth the thousands I paid the first designer to have it fail just to get Michelle on my team, even if that wasn't the primary intention. So take note, everything happens for a reason.

If you can, hire Michelle. Michelle is a web genius and I am so thankful for her. If every online business owner gets to experience the same relationship and quality of work that I have experienced with her then the would would spin a whole lot more smoothly and lovingly.

Phoebe Hook

MariaDoyleI'd like to thank you for all your hard work, dedication to detail and understanding of what my vision is/was/has come together as. I've showed a few people the site and all I've had is WOWs and OMGs and is this REALLY all your site? no one else owns it? Seriously. It's getting rave reviews already - so proud 🙂 Thanks again for your patience and I'm looking forward to the day when we sit back in our office chairs with glasses of bubbles in our hands and mutually bask in the glory of all the amazing comments we get about how bloody brilliant this site is.

Maria Doyle
SELECT Consultants

For the full story of Maria's site and a more detailed testimonial, please click here.

LucyPearceI was feeling totally overwhelmed by the techie decisions required to upscale my business, and Michelle came to my rescue. She was clear in her explanations, and helped me to break through my total panic and come to informed decisions in a matter of minutes, about choices which had been waking me up in the middle of the night.

She is, in the kindest possible way, a techno-geek, who loves all things techie, eats them for breakfast no doubt, but speaks human. With a big heart. She is quick to understand your project needs, techie abilities, and financial situation and recommends based on all these. There is no selling, just good, honest advice as she generously shares her almost encyclopedic knowledge and vast personal experience gleaned from being a business person, VA and consultant.

She's fun to talk to, and from the other side of the world, thanks to the wonders of Skype left me feeling confident in my plan of action. I slept well for the first time in weeks after our conversation.

Lucy H. Pearce, author, editor, publisher, creative dynamo!

Dreaming Aloud

LoransHeartWhen I first contemplated starting an online business, I thought I could create my own website. Quickly I figured out that, although it was humanly possible, it might take me months to figure out all the ins and outs of WordPress, Widgets, MailChimp and e-junkie. I was so relieved to discover Michelle Millichip.

With her expertise, I had a beautiful, easy to navigate site that fit my needs perfectly. I received many compliments on the site the day I launched. Not only did Michelle save me time, but she also saved me from frustration and despair.

We’ve continued to work together for over the two years. Michelle is always delightful and encouraging. Her “no problem” attitude always lifts me up when I’m trying out something new. She also gives me good suggestions and ways to think about a project that I might not have considered before talking to her.

Now that I’m gaining expertise, I want to redo my site. I know that Michelle will create something that fits my current needs and design dreams. She has continued to improve her own skills, too. I completely and wholeheartedly recommend Michelle as an extraordinary web designer!

Loran Hills
Loran's Heart

BeachBloomsThank you so much for creating my website www.beachblooms.co.nz ….I love it!

Your ability to take my limited ideas, ask the right questions, listen patiently to the answers, make suggestions then bring it all together in the form of my simple, functional and beautiful website is a true gift. Your can-do attitude and wonderful creativity combined with your outstanding technical knowledge, support & advice make your professional services unique. Whoever said ‘geeks can’t be creative’ was WRONG!

I look forward to continuing to use your services and to both our businesses ‘blooming’!

Melody Jones